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GODBG Music Group LLC.

Make Money From Your Music, Then Make Music Your Life

We make every deal sound as good as the music you create at GODBG Music Group LLC.

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About Us

GODBG Music Group LLC. is a record label and multimedia company offering promotional services to independent artists, including publishing administration, distribution, song mastering, graphic design, PR campaigns, and Spotify promotion. We’re a new and dynamic company serving indie musicians in New York City, and Long Island, New York.

GODBG Music Group LLC  Kage Of G.O.D
GODBG Music Group LLC

Earn the Royalties You Truly Deserve

There are a lot of promoters offering Spotify packages that do not really pay you the decent amount of royalties that you truly deserve. Most of the time, you end up spending more than what you earn and that’s an unprofitable equation no one in the industry has to put up with.

Promoting your music online and making money from it can happen but only if you’ve got the right people behind you. Hook up with a promoter today at GODBG Music Group LLC. We let you know how much you stand to earn in royalties and make sure you make more than the amount you spend promoting your music. 

Everything You Need’s Right Here

We know how creative and enterprising indie musical artists in New York City are. We’re all for giving the bold and innovative the major boost they seek so that your music gets heard beyond the Big Apple. We provide you with the essential mastering, graphic design, and distribution services you need. No more hopping all around town dealing with several companies for all this. We’ve got everything right here, in-house.

We Simplify Spotify

We make it plain and simple for you by offering Spotify promo packages clearly displaying how much you will receive in royalties from the number of streams purchased. Beforehand, you get a clear idea of how much you will be earning. Contact us today to explore Spotify promo package options.

Publishing administration, song trust,  soundexchange, ascap

Graphic Design

• Single Covers - $60

• Album Covers - $90

• Flyers - $60

• Cartoons - $100

• Motion Covers - $100

Service Prices

Compare our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Spotify Playlist Promo


10,000 Streams

= $40 in Royalties

10,000 Streams

Spotify Playlist Promo



$100 in Royalties

25,000 Streams

Spotify Playlist Promo


50,000 Streams

$200 in Royalties

50,000 Streams

Spotify Playlist promo


75,000 Streams

$300 in Royalties

75,000 Streams

Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Spotify Playlist Promo


100,000 Streams

$400 in Royalties

100,000 Streams

Spotify Playlist Promo


500,000 Streams

$2000 in Royalties

500,000 Streams

Spotify Playlist Promo


1 Million Streams

$4000 in Royalties

1 Million Streams



Per Year

Unlimited Uploads

Songwriter Credits



Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Track Mastering


Per Song

Same Day Delivery

Up to 2 Revisions

Track Mastering

Press Release Package


Starter Pack

Featured On Exclusive Blogs

Distribute to 4.5 Million Fans Worldwide

1 Sponsored tweet from some of the most influential companies in the music industry

We will get your single on the @Upcoming100 Charts

PR Campaign(Starter Pack)

Publishing Administration


$149 Annually After First Year

We Collect Worldwide

Performance Rights Organization Registration

Worldwide Sub-Publishing

Soundexchange Registration

Register Your Songs With Nielsen Soundscan

Publishing Administration

If you have any questions about our Royalty Setup and Publishing Administration service call or email us and we will be more than happy to assist you. Its your publishing, you should own it!

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